Dear Parents/Carers,

You will probably have seen yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister that its tests for the next stage of litfing restrictions have been met and confirmed the phased partial reopening of schools from Monday 1 June.

We look forward to welcoming children back in N, R, Year 1 and Year 6 who have completed the survey and said YES to returning to school. We will be sending you a further survey on Tuesday 2 June about attendance for the week beginning 8 June.  If you have now decided you would like your N, R, Y1 and Y6 children to attend school they will be able to attend on the 8th June.  Please complete the new survey when it comes out.

In opening the school to more children, we are very conscious of our staff capacity and the possibility that this could change at short notice. Unlike in more normal times, we will not be drawing on supply teachers as we do not feel it is appropriate to bring different adults in at short notice into the school. We will look to avoid it, but I need to raise the possibility of possible closure of classes at short notice.

You will have heard of the Test and Trace sytem that we are all being asked to follow – below is a diagram that explains the sytsem.    

A test and trace flow chart image

Please ensure you follow the staggered drop off and pick up locations and times:

Nursery 9.30-9.45 Front gate to Nursery door
Reception 9.00-9.15 Front gate to classroom door
Year 1 9.15-9.30 Back gate to Classroom door
Year 6 8.45-9.00 Back gate to Classroom door
Key Workers 9.00-9.15 Back gate to classroom door

Nursery Monday-2.30-2.45 Weddnesday-12.30 at the Front gate to Nursery door
Reception Monday-3.00-3.15 Wednesday-12.45 at the Front gate to Classroom door
Year 1 Monday-3.00-3.15 Wednesday-12.45 at the Back gate to Classroom door
Year 6 Monday-2.45-3.00 Wednesday-1.00 at the Back gate to Classroom door
Key Workers All days 3.15-3.30 Back gate to classroom door

Please do not group around the school gates-stay 2 metres apart
• Only 1 parent to drop off and collect
• Do not enter the classrooms and stay 2m away from the door to the classroom
• If your child is in Nursery they must only attend one setting

If your children are learning from home a new home learning pack will be available on the 8th June for year groups 1 to 6.

I hope you have all had a good half term and made the best of the lovely weather. 

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Yours faithfully