Unity Schools Partnership

Making remarkable change happen

Unity Schools Partnership transforms lives. Through geographical hubs of like-minded schools and a vision of excellence that is shared by all, schools smash through barriers to achieve more than others think possible.

The vision of Unity Schools Partnership is to achieve the highest standards of education in its primary, secondary and special schools. It is our intention that all trust schools, and the trust as a whole, is recognised locally and nationally for the exceptional quality of its educational provision. We are a group of interdependent schools with a shared ambition to transform lives. We have a commitment to the development of a very high quality and evidence-informed model of how excellence is achieved. Our work is fostered by geographical hubs of schools in close proximity that understand their specific communities.

The trust expects its work to be characterised by:

  • ethical leadership 
  • inclusion
  • excellent communication
  • endless ambition
  • strong relationships
  • belief in success for all

Our Funding Agreement with the MAT is detailed here.

Details of Unity Schools Partnership Board Members can be found at www.unitysp.co.uk

The Trust CEO is Dr Tim Coulson and the head office address is:

Park Road, Haverhill, CB9 7YD.

01440 333400