Welcome to Skylarks class.

Our class teacher is Mrs Chapman but we are also taught by Mrs Bottomley on a Wednesday.  We are supported by Ms Christian.

We have a PE session on a Thursday afternoon and this is taught by Mr Archer.

A brief look at a day in Year 1:

Each morning we come into class and settle with a reading book whilst also making our lunch choice for the day.  We start the day by doing ‘Star of the day’ which enables us to think of compliments we can give each other.  We are  following a PSHE scheme called PATHS along with a programme called Motional which enables us to do fun activities to help us develop socially and emotionally.  


For about an hour each morning we take part in SFA sessions where we learn new letter sounds and digraphs and then apply this to our reading.  We are also encouraged to complete writing challenges throughout the week too.


Most days we take part in a Maths Meeting which covers days of the week and months of the year along with other concepts such as time and money.

Every day before lunch we have a Maths session which is based on the Maths Mastery scheme of work.  Again we have weekly maths challenges based on the input we get in our Maths topic each week.

After lunch we have a short topic input which may be planned around our interests or seasonal activities or events that are happening around us.

For an hour each morning and for the rest of the afternoon we are in control of our own learning and make choices according to our interests.  The teachers support and challenge us and help us to achieve our next steps in learning.

Each day ends with a story or language activity and sometimes singing which we always enjoy.